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The LSAT was the standard exam students had to pass to get into law school. There were no options, no options like the SAT and ACT that other graduate schools accepted.

Some MBA programs accepted GRE scores or GMAT, but law schools only required LSAT scores. Because of this, many students faced difficulties when choosing to go to law school. The diversity of emerging lawyers has declined as most have abandoned the idea entirely.

As law schools began to recognize this shortcoming, they began allowing students to take the GRE exam for admission.The first university to consider the GRE in 2016 was Arizona State University. Harvard Law School took the next step the next year and eventually got him accepted for the GRE.

The ABA (American Bar Association) accredits 84 law schools and currently accepts both the GRE and the LSAT.Ann LSAT test preparation An excellent option to prepare for the upcoming GRE exam for law school admission. However, if you are still unsure or confused about the GRE, you are in the right place. Please read to the end for more information.

Is the GRE accepted by law schools?

The GRE is now accepted by top law schools across the country and has been since 2016. There are nearly 100 ABA accredited universities that accept GRE scores. The American Bar Association voted in favor of his GRE exam in December 2021, further bolstering the focus on the GRE and not the LSAT.

How to find out if a law school accepts the GRE exam

Nearly 84 ABA certifications law The school accepts GRE scores. Some famous universities include:

● Harvard Law School

● Indiana University Maurer School of Law

● Arizona State University

● Florida State University School of Law



● University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School


The list also includes private law schools, and it is expected that almost all law schools in America will eventually start accepting GREs. ETS It will help you check if your preferred school accepts the GRE.


What score do law schools prefer?

Nearly 199 law schools have ABA accreditation. Of these, 84 accept GRE scores. From these numbers, it’s easy to see that most law schools still require the LSAT. LSATs test.

However, there are no facts or figures to prove whether law schools that accept both favor one score over the other. Most law schools accept LSAT scores, but the GRE has different test dates and some opportunities. You must always review the application requirements before submitting your scores and application.

Is it difficult to get in with a GRE score?

No, it’s the same as entering with a GRE score.Law schools have begun accepting GRE scores to diversify their attorney pools, so there is no reason to ignore GRE applicants. statistics, the GRE and LSAT exam success rates have been proven to be the same. No type has a lead compared to others.

Is there a GRE score required for successful admission to law school?

Yes, indeed, there are certain GRE scores that various law schools expect when applying for admission. You can use. ABA Standard 509 Information Report Collect data about different colleges and required scores. We also recommend that you research the university’s site and program requirements before applying. Follow these steps to see where you land on your GRE score.

● Increase your GRE verbal and quantitative reasoning percentile scores from selected university websites.

● Match your score with the two scores listed on the site for the higher percentiles, such as the 75th percentile or the 85th percentile.

● If the score is high, there is a chance of entry. If it’s lower, you’ll have to reach or aim for a higher score to reach the higher percentile.

● Students with high percentiles are considered outstanding and are best candidates for new admissions.

● Be sure to check the minimum GRE score requirements mentioned by your law school. Having a score below that means it will not be considered at all.

● Private schools have higher GRE score requirements than public law schools.

● Always compare your scores with the latest reports published by each university of your choice.


The future of the GRE is very bright and almost all schools are expected to start accepting test scores soon. Accrediting 84 schools in just five years underscores its popularity with students and law schools.

If you’re worried about choosing the GRE and applying to your favorite law school, we encourage you to let go of your fears! Most colleges accept GRE scores and the exam is no more difficult than the LSAT , this option is better.

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