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Clarkson Offers Online MBA Advanced Certificate Option and Local Concentration Option

Do you want to hone your management skills? The David D. Reh School of Business at Clarkson University is now offering his three advanced state-registered certificates as part of an online MBA program. There are also centralized options dedicated to data analysis.

Students can now enroll for the Certificate in Human Resources Management, the Certificate in Management and Leadership, or the Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management.

The Certificate Program in Human Resource Management provides the educational background necessary to make well-informed decisions in management related to human resource issues. Certificate holders have the resources for strategic and critical thinking necessary to optimize their organization’s human resources.

The Management and Leadership Certificate is designed to provide entry- and middle-level managers with core business skills in organizational processes, change management, resource management, and leadership. We focus on helping managers and executives develop their management and leadership skills to have a positive impact on their current organization and provide career advancement potential.

The principles behind supply chain management focus on developing seamless flows of raw materials, products/services, information, and financial capital. The supply chain begins with the initial design process, includes raw material procurement and logistics, and continues through the delivery of a product or service to the end customer, with the goal of creating customer satisfaction at optimum cost.

Reh School also offers intensive courses in data analysis. These courses are designed to provide insight into the use of big data for strategic decision-making, and 9 credits of coursework completed in the MBA can also count towards that program, MS, into the Applied Data Science program. is the way.

“These curriculum changes reflect our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of the market and the needs of the employers with whom we work closely. Our commitment to developing leaders is well known throughout Reh Business School and takes great pride in developing the leaders of today and tomorrow.

The online MBA program was recently ranked #11 Best Business Schools in the nation and #37 by Fortune magazine. Designed for working adults, enrollment starts quarterly and offers flexible schedules and personalized student support.

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