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ARTBA Recognizes Top Female Leaders : CEG

The Glass Hammer Award recognizes companies in the transportation and construction industry that have innovative programs and activities aimed at successfully promoting the advancement of women leaders within their organizations. (artova photo)

Three transportation construction experts, one transportation researcher, and a corporate program to connect and empower women employees all received awards. American Association of Road and Transportation Builders (ARTBA) Foundation’“Women Leaders in Transportation Design and Construction” Awards on September 26th. The honor was presented at the association’s national convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ethel Birchland Lifetime Achievement Award

Named after an ARTBA executive in the mid-1920s, the award recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership, long-term service in the public or private sector of the industry, dedication to advancing innovation, and other female leaders. You can

  • Regine C. Beauboeuf, Senior Vice President and Director of Infrastructure and Mobility Equities, HNTB Corp.

After 37 years of experience in the transportation and infrastructure industry, including supervising engineer for the Michigan Department of Transportation, Beauboeuf brings unparalleled experience to large and complex projects. She manages some of HNTB’s most high-profile design-build and public-private partnership ventures. She leads internal and external efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). She also heads HNTB’s Partners Her program to foster partnerships with minority-owned and historically underutilized businesses.

As vice president of the Michigan Women Forward and through partnerships with numerous social service organizations, Beauboeuf has worked tirelessly to advance opportunities for women.

  • Amy Schroeder, Highway Development Program Manager, Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD)

Schroeder manages IDT’s innovative contracting division, which plans and implements comprehensive transportation system improvements. This includes his award-winning Idaho Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (GARVEE) program. The program funded improvements to 59 highways and helped him reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities by 80%.

Throughout her career, Schroeder has shared her knowledge and passion for transportation design and construction with younger generations of women through the “Engineering Girls” program at Boise State University and the American Legion Auxiliary “Girl’s State” program.

glass hammer award

This award recognizes companies in the transportation and construction industry that have innovative programs and activities aimed at successfully promoting the advancement of women leaders within their organizations.

In 2019, a group of women at architecture and engineering firm RS&H launched the Ignite Women’s Professional Network. This is a forum for female employees to participate in the company’s growth while facilitating opportunities for women to lead, advocate and connect. Our network of 140 people raises awareness of the challenges women face in our industry and drives meaningful change both internally and externally.

Women at Ignite provide direction for new programs, make recommendations to executive team members, and consult with the Human Resources team. Since its inception, the number of women in senior management has increased by 140%, the number of women in management has increased by 35%, and the promotion of women has increased by 8%.

Future Industry Leader Spotlight Award

This award recognizes undergraduate or graduate students at a U.S. university who have achieved outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills both within and outside the academic environment.

Santos-Diaz recently graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree. In her Master’s program, she conducted research on electrified roads at the National Science Foundation’s Center for Engineering Research, “Advancing Sustainability with Power Infrastructure for Road Electrification” (ASPIRE). She plans to pursue her PhD in Civil Engineering, and she aims to one day work on sustainability issues at the US Department of Transportation.

Helmer is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Louisiana State University. She also works full-time for Bryce Construction, a heavy highway contractor who has progressed from plant worker to project coordinator to engineer-in-training. charity and support other women in the industry through their participation in the National Women’s Construction Association. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in business administration.

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